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Advantages of ClickandBuy

More and more people around the world are using ClickandBuy to simplify all of their online transactions. Get information about best gambling sites at website. A virtual wallet service, ClickandBuy allows users to manage several payment methods in one secure account, and then use those options to fund their online purchases.

How ClickandBuy Works

Online payments can be made using credit or debit cards, a personal bank account, or a variety of prepaid options. ClickandBuy customers just set up their account, enter their preferred payment methods, and then use their ClickandBuy username and password to make purchases. It is much safer and more convenient than entering credit card numbers each time you shop online. Currently, more than 16,000 online merchants accept payments from ClickandBuy. Players can start playing table games online.

Funding the Account

Many e-wallet services require users to transfer funds into their account before using it to make a purchase. With ClickandBuy, this isn't necessary. Customers can choose to allow ClickandBuy to charge their credit card or debit their bank account on demand whenever the user makes a purchase. This makes online shopping much more flexible and is especially convenient for online casino players, after claiming their casino bonus codes.

Security Features

The ability to make payments without entering any personal account details on the payment screen is a big plus for those concerned with online security. With ClickandBuy, all of this sensitive data is entered one time during the setup process under the shield of ClickandBuy's sophisticated security technologies. Each time a purchase is made with a ClickandBuy account, banking details are transferred over a multi-layer encrypted connect. Otherwise, the information is stored on a private server with enhanced security protection.

The benefits of using ClickandBuy are enormous, especially for those who enjoy gambling online. It is a simple, user-friendly service that includes the latest features and technology. Fund your Real Time Gaming casino account using ClickandBuy. It is even possible to make purchases in several currencies without changing your account or incurring an exchange fee because ClickandBuy strives to provide their customers with the most convenient online payment solution available.